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Spanish Pedagogy MA

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M.A. Program in Spanish Pedagogy

Brigham Young University

The purpose of the Spanish Pedagogy M.A. is to prepare graduate students in the field of Spanish language teaching with additional understanding, knowledge, and pedagogic skills beyond those acquired at the B.A. level in order to be an effective teacher in the Spanish classroom and/or a successful student in a doctoral program in foreign language education. (Note: The Spanish Pedagogy M.A. program is not an initial teacher licensure program. Students who desire to earn a teaching license along with an M.A. may wish to look into the World Languages MLA program at the University of Utah or similar programs at other institutions.)

Program Strengths

  • Broad range of course offerings, including principles of language teaching and learning, teaching oral and literacy skills, teaching culture, using technology in the classroom, assessing language learning, and conducting research
  • Many courses tailored specifically for teachers of Spanish
  • One-week mini-courses taught by visiting professors from around the country (recent topics: Spanish for heritage speakers; using technology; teaching culture; Spanish immersion)
  • State-of-the-art technological facilities and labs
  • Professional track program available (see below), with classes offered in late afternoons and evenings to accommodate practicing teachers.

Prerequisites for Candidates

  • Bachelor’s degree in Spanish, Spanish Teaching, or the equivalent.
  • Previous experience teaching Spanish preferred.
  • Proficiency in a second foreign language; through 205 course level for Portuguese (Intermediate High), through 201 level for other modern languages (Intermediate Mid-level). If not completed during undergraduate studies, this requirement may be fulfilled by challenge exam, or concurrently with MA program coursework no later than the third semester of study.
  • Strong academic writing skills and a capacity to conduct independent research.
  • Strong language skills in Spanish.
  • GRE required

Graduation Requirements

  • Complete the required 27 hours of coursework and 6 project or thesis hours, totaling 33 credit hours.
  • Students must teach at least one semester during their program of study.
  • Complete a specialty exam which covers readings and coursework.
  • Completion of a project or thesis.

Tuition and Financial Aid

  • Department of Spanish and Portuguese typically provides scholarships for 50-80% of LDS tuition for required classes
  • Paid teaching assistantships available

BYU Spanish Pedagogy MA Traditional Track

Students who enroll in the BYU Spanish Pedagogy traditional track complete their course work by enrolling as full-time students in day classes during Fall and Winter semesters. Students are welcome to enroll in the BYU Summer Institute for Spanish Teachers to fulfill required coursework during Summer term.

BYU Spanish Pedagogy MA Professional Track

The BYU Spanish Pedagogy professional track is tailored toward practicing teachers who work full-time. Students in this track take one required course during Fall semester and one during Winter semester, offered in the late afternoon and evening. They complete additional courses by enrolling full-time during Summer term. Students are welcome to enroll in the BYU Summer Institute for Spanish Teachers to fulfill required coursework during Summer term.

Summer Institute for Spanish Teachers

This study abroad program for graduate students in BYU's Spanish Pedagogy MA program is offered every third year (2022, 2025, 2028) and allows the practicing teacher to refresh their linguistic ability in Spanish, increase their understanding of the Spanish culture, and gain 9 semester credits of graduate course work.

For more information, contact:

Merrie Kay Ames, Graduate Program Manager ~

Brian Price, Graduate Coordinator ~

Rob Martinsen, Pedagogy Section Head ~