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General Information

The Undergraduate Catalog is the official resource for course requirements for the Spanish Minor. See the link above to access the Undergraduate Catalog.

Important Notes for Returned Spanish-Speaking Missionaries

  1. Most returned missionaries should register for SPAN 321.
  2. Returned missionaries who would like more language practice before entering SPAN 321 may consider taking SPAN 206.
  3. Credit for some 100- and 200-level Spanish courses may be awarded through a Challenge Exam administered to students enrolled in SPAN 206 and SPAN 321. For more information, click below.


Prerequisite Courses

Students must complete any 100- or 200-level Spanish courses they need to prepare for SPAN 321 according to their Spanish experience and proficiency. SPAN 321 is the first course that counts toward the Spanish minor, but this does not mean all incoming students will be ready for SPAN 321 during their first semester.

For more information, see below.

Course Requirements

Declare the Spanish Minor

To declare the Spanish minor, simply reach out to to the advisement center of your primary major and let them know that you would like to minor in Spanish.

For more information about declaring our other programs, please click below.