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Hispanic Literatures MA

What is Hispanic Literatures?

Literatures is designed not only to enhance a student’s reading, writing, speaking, researching, and listening skills, but to push the mental, psychological, and social boundaries in light of the Hispanic world. From the colonial memoirs of Bernal Díaz del Castillo to the modernism of Miguel de Cervantes, Literatures expands the knowledge and the imagination through the exploration of novels, poetry, texts, theater, and cinema written by Hispanic authors.

Prerequisite Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Spanish, Spanish Teaching, or the equivalent
  • Previous experience teaching Spanish preferred
  • Proficiency in a second foreign language; through 205 course level for Spanish (Intermediate High Level), or through 201 course level for other modern languages (Intermediate Mid Level). If not completed during undergraduate studies, this requirement may be fulfilled by Challenge Exam concurrently with MA program coursework no later than the third semester of study.
  • For teaching eligibility, complete a teaching methods course (SPAN 376 or equivalent). If not completed during undergraduate studies, this requirement may be fulfilled concurrently with MA program coursework in the first semester of study.
  • Strong academic writing skills and a capacity to conduct independent research
  • Strong language skills in Spanish
  • GRE (required)
  • English Proficiency Exam

Program Requirements

  • Complete the required 27 credit hours of coursework and 6 project or thesis credit hours, totaling 33 credit hours
  • Teach at least one semester during the program
  • Complete a Specialty Exam which covers readings and coursework
  • Complete a project or thesis

Tuition Scholarships

  • Department tuition scholarships typically cover 50–80% of LDS tuition rates for courses in a student's Program of Study for the first two years.
  • Paid teaching assistantships are available.

For More Information, Contact:

Merrie Kay Ames, Graduate Program Manager – – 801-422-2196

Brian Price, Graduate Coordinator –

Erik Larson, Literatures Section Head –